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Questions to Ask When Shopping for Car Insurance

Before you commit to the first insurance company you approach about getting car insurance, ask these questions to the insurance agent and make sure you take notes. The questions below are very relevant and can affect how much you pay for car insurance.

Anytime you are speaking to an insurance agent, keep in mind they want your business and glossing over particular subjects or topics could cause you to assume that all insurance companies are all alike and that is not the case. That is why when shopping for car insurance, take notes and compare your notes to give yourself a direct comparison in the insurance quotes.





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Shopping for Car Insurance

Always know what to ask the Insurance
agent in order to get the most out of your
insurance policy. The burden is on you to
get the most coverage for the least cost.

Be determined to get the . . .

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  The list below of questions to ask your insurance agent are realistic concerns and if you donít see any questions that fit your personal situation, by all means write them down before meeting with any insurance agent.


Pricing your car insurance is probably what you are most concerned with so be sure that what they price you explains exactly what you expect to be paying for.

Feel free to print this list to take with you . . .

1. What kind of coverage should I get based on my age, gender, marital status?
2. What is my risk assessment?
3. Who can drive my car and still have coverage?
4. What is my deductible and at what level will it yield me the best price?
5. Can I get a discount based on your companyís policies?
6. What payment options are available?
7. How will my car be valued if it becomes totaled?
8. Is there a 24-hour claims service for fast processing?
9. Does the coverage include original manufacturer parts replacement?
10. How does your company compare to the market pricing for my chosen coverage?
11. Does how many miles I drive to work affect my insurance cost?
12. Do you offer a discount if I own more than one vehicle?
13. Does my job affect my premium cost?
14. Does my credit score affect my premium cost?
15. How much does a speeding ticket affect my premium cost?
16. Will I be dropped from coverage if I have an accident?
17. Can a family member drive my car and be covered?
18. How long does it take to process an accident claim?
19. Does my insurance policy cover roadside assistance?
20. Does my policy cover a wrecker service fee if I need to be towed?

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Shopping for Car Insurance 

  There are other relevant questions you can ask, but if you use these questions above with each insurance company you contact, it will allow you to compare car insurance quotes against each company fairly.

Every personís car insurance needs vary and that is where comparing your insurance coverage costs to someone else will differ, even with the same insurance company.




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