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Your Credit Score is repairable, it just takes
time, patience, and persistence to see
it happen. But, the advantages of a good
credit score will have you able to buy more
for less money and that is like getting a
raise that you control.

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How to Raise Your Credit Score

Letís say that you have a low credit score and youíve allowed items to be repossessed, would you loan money to someone like this?
Chances are probably not.
For that very reason an insurance company has real fears that you might be a high risk at making your insurance premiums on a regular basis or that you may be a high risk of wanting to make a claim using your insurance.
For this reasoning, you may have to pay a higher premium or find it more difficult to obtain car insurance from the first place you try.
The auto insurance companies have been in the business for quite a long time and they have virtually seen it all. Therefore, they must protect their best interests just like you want to protect your own possessions.

One thing that is a goal for you to achieve is to improve your credit score and at the same time save yourself a lot of money with car insurance premiums.

  The other factors that greatly affect the best car insurance rates for you are
things you can control to a point. If you have a great driving record, no tickets,
no accident claims, and your age is above 25 years of age, you can shop for
the best car insurance rates in your location.



Does Your Credit Score Affect You Car Insurance Rates

  • Paying your bills on time
  • If you have missed a payment, bring up to date asap
  • Reduce the usage of any credit cards or revolving credit
  • Pay off as much outstanding debt as soon as possible
  • Even late bills on your utilities can factor into your credit score
  • Donít take out new credit cards, this indicates desperation or abuse
What else affects the price of your car insurance rates?
Obviously, you need car insurance and it is a requirement, so how else can you obtain the best insurance premium price?
Other things that affect your insurance premium cost:
  • Your driving record is on file if you have had speeding tickets or accidents
  • Where you live is a factor not based on you personally, but whether you live in an area that incurs a lot of speeding, accidents, or thefts.
  • Your age, marital status, or gender
  • The type of vehicle you drive. Some cars have higher theft ratings, or speeding data
  • And the type of insurance coverage you are wanting and the deductibles applied
Again, you want the best for the least cost possible and the insurance companies understand that, so listen to their suggestions and weigh their answers against another insurance company. Donít think that the first place you stop in or click on is the best. Every personís needs are different and not all insurance companies are designed or priced to meet your individual needs at you affordability.



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