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Geico Low Mileage Discount


Geico Low Mileage Discount is a customized car insurance design for the low mileage drive who has a great driving record and no moving violations in the past 3 years. Having multiple cars can also put you in a mult-car discount category as well.


Saving money on your car insurance is where you can benefit from having a clean record and be rewarded for it.

If you are someone who basically lives in your hometown and drives a short distance to work, grocery, and church for example, then chances are you could qualify for Geico Low Mileage Discount and save a considerable amount on your car insurance rates.


Knowing what to ask for when shopping for car insurance is key to finding what it is youíre looking for, which is great car insurance coverage at a great low price. Geico can help you to get the type of coverage at some of the lowest prices around.




Discounts to Lower Your Car Insurance Rates


Independent car insurance studies place Geico at the top of the list for low prices, great coverage, and easy to file and process a claim. Filing a claim is an important factor because having good insurance rates is important, but should you ever need to actually use it for a claim, itís good to know that it will go smoothly.

Geico Low Mileage Discount is worth a check and see what the threshold the mileage must be to qualify for it. This varies by location and state. When inquiring, tell them where you live and how far you drive to and from work. Tell them your estimate annual mileage and if you have multiple vehicles to save even more money on your car insurance rates.

Here's a little known Geico tip in getting your car insurance lower with a stock
ownership discount. By buying a single share of Berkshire Stock NYSE Symbol BRK.B, which is the owner of Geico, you can say that you are a Berkshire affiliate and that can give you a discount for being an owner of the company stock.

And as a stock owner, you can watch your stock and sell it at a profit at a later
time. It's a WIN/WIN situation for you.

Geico is one of many car insurance companies and we are not affiliated with
a Geico company. Please do your own due diligence to find the right car
insurance for your personal needs.

Saving money on your car insurance is worth the time you invest in finding
a rate that fits into your budget and covers your vehicle with the right stuff.



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