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GEICO Commercials rank as one of the top TV commercials and viewers always enjoy seeing them if they must be seeing a TV commercial.

Many of the GEICO Funny Commercials go on to become an often repeated saying when having fun with friends, co-workers, and family.


Remember what the camel said? “Do You Know What day It Is?” or the guy who wanted the woodchuck to stop chucking his wood?

GEICO funny commercials are really quite clever and fun to view over and over again. That says a lot about the creators of the GEICO commercials. Their imaginations are really spot on.


When it comes to liking and repeating commercial jingles and slogans, it greatly extends the memory of what people enjoy and interject the sayings into their environment and that is priceless for the folks at GEICO.

To make things even more important to know as far as the general public, GEICO really does rate as one of the best car insurance rates in many categories.




GEICO Funny Commercials


GEICO really can;
Save You Fifteen Percent or More on Your Car Insurance

GEICO GECKO a true anomaly that makes seeing him make you say in your mind “the GEICO GECKO”, and this exactly what they want you to think subliminally and whenever you think car insurance you will potentially investigate GEICO Insurance rates before making your final decision on choosing the best car insurance rates.

GEICO Funny Commercials are not just for fun, but serve a unique purpose for the company in more ways than just entertainment, quite clever indeed.

Currently GEICO is ranked as the second largest car insurance company behind State Farm Insurance, but when you factor in the time those two car insurance companies have been in business, GEICO is chomping at the bit to beat out the number one for the title as the largest and best car insurance company in the United States.



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