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Best Car Insurance for College Students

  It goes without saying that first time drivers and college students have a difficult time finding affordable car insurance rates.
Again, it is important to look at the equation from the insurance company’s standpoint. Their industry data easily indicates that new drivers, regardless of age are far more prone to moving violations and accidents. College Student drivers are a separate category due to the historical data that shows potentially more violations and accidents than the average adult driver.
  Therefore, depending on your age and if you are a first-time driver, your insurance premiums will be considerably higher and this will be reduced over time considering your good driving record.



Best Car Insurance for College Students

Things to consider as a college student driver
It is imperative that you do all you can do to establish a good driving record in order to see a decline in your insurance premiums going forward.
One thing that can help a teen driver is to be on their family’s insurance policy initially whenever possible. This is where the insurance company feels that they have a secondary overseer to their best interest that you will be a conscientious driver if your family encourages your new driving habits.
Does it matter if you are a teenage boy or girl when pricing insurance rates, the answer is yes. Again, statistically speaking, the data indicates that teenage boys will be involved in speeding tickets and accidents more times than girls.
For this reason, there is a different insurance premium scale for boys versus girls when getting car insurance.
While speaking of infamous historical data, our data indicates that GEICO Insurance is your best choice for lower premiums if you are a teenager and/or first-time driver.

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