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Best Car Insurance for Bad Drivers

  Unfortunately, YES it Can! When your insurance company discovers your speeding ticket, they can and usually do increase your car insurance rates by about 13 percent. Now, if your speeding ticket was for doing greater than 30 miles over the speed limit, then you can expect a 15% increase in your insurance premium.


You must understand that insurance companies take in a lot of factors in determining your insurance rates. Moving violations are in direct regard to accidents. Typically, if a person has a history of speeding, their data indicates a greater risk of being involved in an accident at some point in the future.
Obeying speed limits indicates a safer and conscientious driver and that is what keeps your insurance rates at the lower end of the equation.
There are some considerations given if you received a single speeding ticket and it was first offense or how long ago in the past your ticket was given.



Best Car Insurance for Bad Drivers

 Here are some things your insurance company will take into
  • Your prior driving record before receiving a ticket
  • Whether the ticket was a first offense usually goes better than multiples
  • Amount of time since your last moving violation helps show improved driving
  • How many miles per hour you were going over the speed limit determines premium increase
  • Location where the violation occurred whether in a school zone or highway
If you are thinking of changing insurance companies in order to avoid the increase in your insurance rate increase, that is highly unlikely you will see any benefits, since the data that all insurance companies receive is from the same sources.

You can opt to take a defensive driver training course to help to lower your insurance rates in consideration of getting a speeding ticket and show proof to your insurance company, but this is still at the discretion of the insurance companies policies.

Often times a traffic court judge will make you an offer to take driver training course to avoid the ticket going on your record. This a definite way to avoid additional cost over and above the ticket cost. We highly recommend you take an offer like this.

Statistical data indicates that GEICO insurance has lower price increases with regards to moving violations showing on your driving records.


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